more predictions for 2009 and 2010

November 30, 2008

Here is a Russian professor predicting a civil war and break up of the US.

Here a Citibank internal memo predicts civil unrest for 2009.

Here on Bloomberg they report food shortages and riots in the future.

I’ve herd of more reports along these same lines and I’ll post them here as I find them.


The bigger picture about future trends – Gerald Celente follow up

November 26, 2008

The future trends that Gerald lays out in the Alex Jones interview is dire, no question.  But like he said, “something old and ugly is dying.”  If you don’t see our current system as old and ugly, then maybe you won’t see any positives with certain changes and challenges ahead of us.

Here is Gerald Celente at an Innovation conference in Norway from May 2006.

Some key points he mentions:

  • think for yourself
  • there is no box, there are no rules, this is the global age
  • innovation is the key to the 21st century
  • the “America is #1” attitude permeates from the top all the way to the bottom
  • America is a plutocracy, not a democracy
  • pandemics
  • necessity is the mother of invention
  • “4 million free minds can out maneuver a billion point three controlled [minds]”

A Greater Depression, Revolution and Riots

November 18, 2008


One of today’s greatest trend researchers, Gerald Celente from Trends Research, has been sounding out on various shows on what he sees for the future of the United States.  Here on the Alex Jones show (listen to part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6 – about 60 min.) and he was also on the George Noory Show.  This guy has been all over being interviewed by all the mainstream media news and these AM talk radio shows.  He tends to say a lot more on talk radio.

Here he is on Fox News on November 11 giving just the tip of the iceberg of what he says will happen and what people should do.

I’ll be posting another installment on Gerald Celente soon.  He has some amazing ideas on how to live in, deal with and think about the future.

Peter Schiff was right

November 14, 2008

News shows like to have Peter Schiff on as an opposition to their conventional “wisdom” in order to highlight booming confidence in the markets.  The more confidence these pundits show on TV, the better the markets will do, no doubt.  They have Peter on in order to make fun of him.  The thing is, that he has been right about everything he’s said back in 2006 and 2007.  Notice how they demean him and promote Bear Stearns and Washington Mutual stocks that have now crumbled.

It’s not wealth that’s increased in the last few years. We haven’t increased our productive capacity. All that’s increased is the paper values of our stocks and real estate. But that’s not real wealth… When you see the stock market come down and the real estate bubble burst all that phony wealth is gonna evaporate and all that’s going to be left is all the debt we’ve accumulated to foreigners.

The difference between McCain and Obama

November 4, 2008

Here is an illustration showing how much of a difference there is between these to candidates here on election eve.  I choose Chuck Baldwin.

Joe Biden and Colin Powell – the prophets

October 23, 2008

What is with this dire warning from Joe Biden?  He guarantee’s there will be an “international crisis”within the first 6 months of an Obama presidency that will test him and our nation.  Where does this guy get this sort of information anyway?  He punctuated it with an even more chilling “mark my words” and “I promise you it will occur,” Biden added, “As a student of history and having served with seven presidents, I guarantee you it is going to happen.”  prophets

Next we have Colin Powell saying “There’s going to be a crisis which will come along on the 21st, 22nd of January that we don’t even know about right now” on Meet The Press.  This comment wouldn’t normally get me thinking, but in conjunction with what Biden said, it is that much more worrisome.

Who the hell are these guys with these predictions?  Why don’t we use this information to stop what is going to happen?

John Stossel – Politically Incorrect Guide To Politics

October 19, 2008

Common sense, thank you Lord!  If you think McCain or Obama will fix this country and the world, you need to watch this.  They won’t.  They will only cause more harm.  Watch this common sense 20/20 program from John Stossel in 6 parts.